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by kevinmschreiner
Dec 19, 2013
2:09 PM

Being evaluated

This release does not contain the patches from the previous patch yet. This patch is an update to make the Map Module work in later versions of DNN - AND - to support Google Maps v3. There may be a few issues still to correct, so the core code has not yet been updated for this release, but there is a great need out there for anyone stuck with this map module and needing v3 support.


by cchubb
Sep 28, 2010
7:00 PM

Being evaluated

I recently had to fix up the Map module to use on a client project. I got it working reliably on DNN 5.5 and added a couple of features to support rollover comments as well as callback functions when the icons were clicked on and the marker window opened (so I could jQuery the contents of the marker window).

In addition, a failed GeoCode on a location will no longer prevent it from ever geocoding that address, like it did before. Otherwise any API issue requires you to manually NULL out the lat/long.

I also added a bunch of optional logging as well as much more detailed EventLog logging in the case of an exception. No more "why didn't it work???".

I am submitting a unified DIFF of all of my changes. The changes were not extensive, but it works well and quickly in a production environment now and is much more debuggable.


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